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About Us

Clearwater Pools is a trusted name in San Joaquin County pool service. We will provide professionalism and expertise when it comes to the health and balance of your swimming pool.  We respect this important decision you must make regarding your pools health and appearance.

With over 8 years invested in researching, professional trade shows, continued education, and servicing pools in Northern California, Clearwater Pools guarantees the maintenance of your pool and guarantees that your service will be done to your complete satisfaction and that your pool is healthy with the highest standards and expectation available in the industry.

With a one-on-one pool service experience, you will receive customer service unsurpassed by any other service company in Northern CA. Clearwater Pools experienced pool technician will help you decide and choose the perfect service package for your outdoor environments to not only add a healthy and pleasurable swimming pool, but also value to your property.

We have serviced and maintained a variety of different types swimming pools and equipment.

Simply put, Clearwater Pools is a pool maintenance company you can truly trust with your most valuable asset, your leisure time.

Clearwater Pools
Service & Repair

PO Box 2345
Lodi, CA 95241

(209) 663-9194
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