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Are you nervous about servicing your own pool?  Or just don't have the time to deal with it?  Maybe you don't like storing dangerous chemicals at home with young ones around.

Don't worry - I can help.  Take a look at the service packages you can choose from to help make the most of your time around the pool without the hassles of maintenance.


Clearwater Pools has the professional education and technical experience to create a healthy and clean swimming pool of your dreams.

Pool maintenance services packages that are tailored to your swimming pool needs and style.

Clearwater Pools Service & Repair are swimming pool service experts serving the Lodi, Stockton and Galt areas. Typical pool maintenance companies use cheap pool chemicals with high profit margins, and don't consider how much it affects your pool. At Clearwater Pools we use the highest quality chemicals and equipment that costs much less to operate, thus yielding greater savings for you, the home and pool owners.

Clearwater Pools
Service & Repair

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